Our mission is to help build lively and vibrant brands where hard work is rewarded with return on investment.



Focus on SALES



Here are some of the brands we work for. We strive every day to beat their expectations. We give all we’ve got, for them and for the well-being of the professionals who put their trust in us.



You grab the phone, you call the executive at your advertising agency, you tell them what you need. And, in response, they sigh. They don’t say, “sure, we’ll take care of it, don’t worry”. They sigh. Where’s their enthusiasm? Their drive? Their vision of the opportunity?
At STV we don’t sigh. We grow with every project and we do whatever it takes to carry it forwards with exceptional quality. To earn your trust, to give you peace of mind, to guarantee that you’ll be congratulated for your work.

You won’t find a more dedicated partner than STV.



STV works because it is made up of people with talent who know that doing amazing things comes from working hard and as a team. That’s how this group of professionals has become a group of friends who enjoy what they do and who are always open to learning and incorporating new know-how. Perhaps that’s why the same brands carry on trusting us year after year.

Creatives • Planners • Designers • Executives • Photographers •Programmers • Illustrators • Social Media Managers • Producers




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Tight deadlines. Calls at all hours. Last-minute trips. Well, of course - this is advertising!

We meet even the most demanding requests and this has won us the trust of big brands who, in turn, have recommended us to new clients. We imagine how that recommendation must go:

“What do you mean, they told you it can’t be done? Call the guys at STV and you’ll see it’s possible.”

You won’t find a keener partner than STV.
What makes a big idea?

At STV, we believe that intentions are what turn a thought into a big idea. Those intentions, studied in detail, are what we call strategy. The result is always campaigns that meet and exceed their targets.

We get involved in each project in order to meet the client’s needs, using strategy and creativity to reach the most efficient solution, which may be integrated campaigns, promotions, point-of-sale actions, social media, direct marketing and more.
Whatever we do, we do it flawlessly.

We always take care of every detail as we meet our clients’ needs. To do this, we have integrated several services into the agency so as to reduce steps and simplify the processes:

• Strategy
• Creativity
• Design
• Branding
• Media planning and buying
• Graphic production
• Audio-visual production: our own photo and video studio
• PR and events
• Online & social media
Retail specialists

None of what we do makes sense unless it means our clients sell more. That is why we specialise in retail: looking after the point of sale, energising traffic, increasing the average transaction value.

Openings: we have collaborated in the launch of more than 180 points of sale in Spain, Portugal, Italy, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia.
Publishing print and digital sales catalogues and leaflets, with a professional publishing system and online software to manage your projects.
Dramatisation, the point of sale as a stage where every item is important, including atmospherics and set design, POS advertising and signage.
Monitoring and analysis of the competition’s actions.